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Pétanque Club

Originating in France, Pétanque is a game with boules that combines entertainment and competitiveness. It is the ideal form of exercise for both women and men.

The purpose of the game is to promote physical and mental health, social interaction among the elderly, and to provide an opportunity to participate in a competition.


  • Relaxed, popular physical exercise
  • Encourages social and community interaction, promotes volunteerism
  • Helps sharpen concentration skills and memory, develops precision and coordination
  • Increases mental and tactic abilities

Competitive game for individuals, couples or more people; also suitable for intergenerational activities between grandparent and grandchildren, grandparents and school kids, and more.

When: Wednesdays 17:00-18:30

Where: Eucalyptus forest, Neighborhood 8

Free for residents of Caesarea.