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hadmaia3 1 2 Advanced Technology Industrial facility for rent
In the Park's northern section, in an attractive location near the train station and restaurants, the Caesarea Development Corporation began marketing another complex for cutting-edge industries that will occupy 15,000 square meters in three buildings.

The complex will be composed of a group of buildings that are suitable for every company. The unique structure of the complex allows for a flexible internal division and a genuine quality of life for executives and employees. A window in every office, private entrance and a parking lot for every company. Like the Park itself, the buildings' facades will be representatives, designed by some of the leading architectural firms in the country.

hadmaia2 2 1The space being offered for rent have the infrastructure in place (lighting, air conditioning, etc.), in varying sizes based on the specifications of the companies, whereas the internal design is based on the renter's needs, thereby providing optimal compatibility in addition to an ideal work environment. Today, the Park is home to a large number of hi-tech companies, especially ones developing medical devices.

The Park is owned and managed by the Caesarea Development Company with its long-standing, sterling reputations, unparalleled standards and strict adherence to environmental and life quality.

Its strategic location, 30 minutes from Haifa and 35 minutes from Tel-Aviv (but outside the traffic jam hot spots), near major highways and the Park's train station, increases Park accessibility and availability to employees and their customers.

ofek9 caesarea park Ofek 9 - Construction building completion

ofek9 caesarea park industrial
Ofek 9 - Simulation

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