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Rental of Space in the Logistics District - Real Estate Solutions for Logistical Uses

The Logistics District benefits from being situated in a prime location in the Park, near major highways. The District was planned and designed to comply with the logistical and storage needs of various types of companies.
Every section of the building - storage areas, loading / unloading / workshops and offices - was assigned a unique design that uses raw material that matches its functional purpose.

The building displays effective, simple and sophisticated solutions for the needs of any company seeking a logistics center:
• Maximum flexibility in complying with various types of needs.
• Traffic, parking and easy access to all levels.
• Designated areas for loading / unloading, receiving deliveries, operations and liaison offices between levels.
• High upper level for workshops or storage facilities, with access to small trucks.
• Provision of a solution to security and safety issues, including fences and entrance control.
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The Park's overall operational philosophy will enable modification and substitutions based on renter's specifications within the planning.

Let's be logistical in Caesarea...
Contact us to schedule an introductory tour so that you can see for yourselves the unique design that will make your logistical center or storage facility frugal and accessible.

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