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Occupying a sprawling 3500 dunam, Caesarea Park offers you a myriad of opportunities for designated construction at any size you choose. The supply of planned buildings includes manufacturing facilities, storage and logistical facilities, campuses and complexes for cutting-edge industries, commercial space and services. In addition, we can design tailor made buildings for you.

Marketed space that is currently being offered is flexible and contains the infrastructure, and is ready for immediate construction.

Today, 170 leading businesses, companies and factories are operating out of the Park, including Merkavim, Glil-On Ltd., Carmel Container Systems Ltd., Rital, L'Oreal (Israel) Logistics Marketing, HP, Fritz Companies, just to name a few.

• The Right Location for your Strategy
Business being business, access is a strategic advantage. The Caesarea Busines Park allows you to maximize this advantage to your benefit and to easily travel to any location in Israel, due to its central location and immediate access to the preferred form of transportation.
The park is located in the heart of the country, a short distance from both Tel-Aviv and Haifa, at a major highway intersection. The old Haifa-Tel-Aviv Highway, the Nahal Iron Highway and the future Trans-Israel Highway, all enable quick access to Ben-Gurion Airport. The Israel train station located in the park allows you and your employees to frequently benefit from quick, convenient, traffic jam-free access.

• The Right Infrastructure for Your Goals
When you think about your business, you must always think one step ahead. This principle is applied by us as well when we planned the Caesarea Park. The infrastructure, the advanced telecommunications, the wide roads and islands - all represent the most innovative vision in the world, far beyond just driving to the standard industrial complexes in Israel.

• The Right Environment for Your Dream
If you have always dreamed of having an office window overlooking an open, inspiring lush green environment, Caesarea Park is the place for you. Here, you will find an international caliber ecological park that strictly enforces clean industry principles. The park incorporates green areas and charming spots, with top quality landscaping. In recent years, the Park has earned five stars from the Council for a Beautiful Israel.

• Your High Demands are our Standard
Caesarea Park was founded by the Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Development Corporation Ltd. and is managed and developed by the Park today.
The park was built to embody the vision set forth by the Baron de Rothschild. As such, the Park has earned a sterling reputation for high reliability.
Every detail in the planning - beginning with the state-of-the-art infrastructure, to the level of its services and maintenance and down to peripheral and specific security - all managed by one professional, responsible and experienced organization.

You are invited to see for yourselves the way we have created an effective strategic and representative basis for your company's business operations in Caesarea Park.
During the meeting, we would be happy to present solutions that are suitable for your purposes as well as attractive conditions that are available to you.

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