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Golf Assets

1Albatross – Bar and Restaurant in the Golf Club
Albatross offers a contemporary experience in one of Israel's most beautiful spots. The restaurant faces the lakes and green expanses of the golf course that have a magical effect on its guests.
For details and reservations: 04-6267000


Harbor Assets

2Aresto – Kosher Restaurant
Kosher coffee shop/restaurant that serves cheese platters, pasta and fish.
For details and reservations: 04-6363456



2Beach Bar – Restaurant Bar
Restaurant bar near the clear waters of the old Caesarea port. In addition to the amazing beach, the location offers two bars, a sushi bar, and a family menu.
For details and reservations: 04-6363989


2Hametzuda – Sushi Bar and Grill
Hametzuda (the fortress) is a sushi bar and grill that offers a variety of traditional Japanese dishes as well as unique dishes.
For details and reservations: 04-6100022



2Bella Ice Cream Parlor
Coffee shop and ice cream parlor in the Caesarea port. Offers dozens of different creamy ice cream flavors, yoghurts filled with surprises and light sorbets.
For details and reservations: 04-6363104


2Helena – Chef Restaurant
Overlooking a breathtaking view, Helena offers rich Mediterranean cuisine that includes fish, meat and fresh seafood.
For details and reservations: 04-6101018



2Crusaders Inn
The Crusaders Inn serves meat, fish and seafood in Mediterranean style. It is located opposite the old port.
For details and reservations: 04-6361679



2Old City Gallery
Established in 1981, the gallery specializes in modern and contemporary art.
Tel: 04-6260198
Click here for the gallery website

2Antik Gallery
The gallery was established 25 year ago. It exhibits glass utensils that are 2000 years old, jewelry made of Phoenician glass 300 years old, 'new' jewelry made 300 years old, coins from Bar Kochba's times, other art objects and items from private collections.
Tel: 04-6362958

2Artnova Gallery
The gallery is part of a family chain of galleries established in 1982. It exhibits 'soft art' that uses a unique technique developed by local artists.
Tel: 04-6263337
More on Artnova in the website

2G.R.A.S Israeli Art
Gold and silver jewelry and original gifts.
Tel: 04-6360660


11Port Cafe
Restaurant bar that serves Mediterranean dishes, rich breakfasts, tapas, salads, fresh fish, and more.
For details and reservations: 04-6100221

2Old Caesarea Diving Center
Scuba diving to the depths of the old port.
For details and reservations: 04-6265898

Hametzuda sushi bar and grill. Rich variety of courses including sushi, fish, meat and seafood.
For details and reservations: 04-6100022

Kiosk offering souvenirs, drinks and more.
For details: 04-6361679

2Caesar Yam
Caesar Yam (sea) is the best location for an unforgettable event full of ambiance and sea winds.
For details and reservations: 054-5767255

Industrial Park Assets

Food, Drinks and Entertainment
The industrial park has five restaurants: Bandy (restaurant bar) in the southern park; Koya (kosher meat restaurant); Shula (fish, seafood and meat restaurant); Asfur (Israeli food); and Japanika (sushi bar) in the northern park.

2Bandy Lounge Bar
Bistro the offers a rich variety of American and Israeli grills in a magnificent environment.
1 Haeshel St., Ofek Building, Southern Park
For details and reservations: 04-6372460


2Japanika – Sushi Bar
Israel's leading sushi bar chain that specializes in Asian dishes and offers a variety of traditional Japanese dishes. Halamish St., Northern Park
For details and reservations: 3636*


2Asfur – Israeli Food House
Asfur offers authentic Israeli meats, grilled meat, and mini cooked foods.
9 Tarshish St., Northern Park
For details and reservations: 04-6264041

2Koya Grill House
American restaurant that offers a selection of grilled meats, hamburgers and mini cooked dishes.
13 Hashoham St., Northern Park
For details and reservations: 04-6273005


2Shula – Fish, Seafood and Meat
Magical restaurant that offers a rich variety of meats, fish and seafood; also suitable for catering events.
9 Tarshish St., Northern Park
For details and reservations: 04-6377715


1Terra – Events and Conferences
Terra Caesarea was built on an area of 700 hectares. The main hall has room for 1,000 people, and there are two additional halls for more intimate events of up to 200 people. The halls are equipped with technological aids including Internet connectivity, projectors, screens, sound and lighting systems.
For details and reservations: 04-6267576

Assets in Caesarea the neighborhood

2Go Active
International chain of health and fitness clubs. The recently renovated family gym in Caesarea (country club) offers a complete experience that includes professional training, innovative facilities and social activities.
For details and reservations: 04-6262880

2Caesar's Spa
In the heart of an enchanted Caesarian estate, with a flower garden, bordering a eucalyptus forest and only a few steps away from the romantic beach, lies this temple of calm for body and soul that offers a range of spa treatments.
For details and reservations: 04-6266669

Quality Asian restaurant bar in the center of Caesarea. Offers a rich variety of foods.
For details and reservations: 077-2060790
Resturant website: Click Here

2Post Office – Shopping Center
Sunday, Tuesday from 8:30 to 14:00 and from 15:30 to 18:00
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8:30 to 14:30
Fridays and holiday eve from 8:30 to 12:00
For details and reservations: 04-6260492

2Bein Hagvanim (Between Shades)
Gift and fashion shop.
For details: 04-6377715

2Eddy Nazri Hair Salon
For details and reservations: 04-6101551

2Flash Pop
Stationery and office supplies.
For details: 04-6261222

2Caesarea Optic Clinic
For details and reservations:


2Poalim Bank
Branch of Poalim bank in the center of the city.
For details and reservations: 04-6377715

2Hadar Kindergarten
Steps kindergarten, Hadar 1 St.
For details: 077-4340747, 052-5418756

2Shahaf (Seagull) Kindergarten
Shahaf kindergarten (Reggio Emilia approach), 13 Golf Neighborhood
For details: 04-6101262

For details: 04-6361820