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caesarea community 1Caesarea is home to an active, involved community that enjoys a wide and fascinating range of activities for all ages. Resident involvement in the community, a vibrant community life and investments in the next generation are an integral part of life in Caesarea.

Caesarea residents are involved in the formulation of cultural programs and community activities. The residents committees: the youth committee, the cultural committee, the preschool committee and the education committee, all participate in the formulation of educational and cultural program in Caesarea:.

The Caesarea Culture and Recreation Center, the social heart of the town, has been operating since 1992. The Center serves as a meeting place for recreation and enrichment for all Caesarea residents: adults, youths and children, offering a diversity of activities throughout the day. The Center offers an array of clubs and cultural happenings not only on holidays but throughout the year. Among its activities - the C Club in the morning - a resident club for those over 50, theater groups, dance ensembles and a choir, a bridge club, youth center, etc.

The Caesarea community assigns tremendous importance to the promotion of environmental protection, and the preservation of region's natural areas: the beach, the dunes and the green fields. Plastic bottle and paper recycling bins are positioned around town as part of the environmental efforts.