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The Caesarea Development Corporation and Gav-Yam Company,
from the IDB Property and Building Group, are putting up the first Commercial Center Shopping Mall in Caesarea Business & Industrial Park.

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The mall, with a constructed area of about 13, 000 Sq. Meters,
will be put up on the site which has a total area of 30,500 Sq. Meters
The Shufersal Chain has already leased an area of 3,600 Sq. Meters
Within Caesarea Industrial Park there are about 180 businesses with about 7,400 employees.


The Caesarea Development Corporation and Gav-Yam Company are putting up the first mall in Caesarea Industrial Park.
The mall will be constructed at the junction of the northern entrance to the Caesarea Business Industrial Park and Road No. 651, on a site jointly owned by the Caesarea Development Corporation and Gav-Yam Company, with a total land area of 30,500 Sq. Meters.

The planned mall will include a ground level floor area of about 8,000 Sq. Meters and an additional story of about 3,000 Sq. Meters.
A parking lot for about 600 vehicles will be built.

The Shufersal chain has signed a contract for the lease of about 3,600 Sq. Meters, for a period of 8 years with an option to extend the lease after 8 years.
The going rental rate in the area is between 60 and 150 NIS per Sq. Meter per month.
The mall was designed by the Mann-Shinar Architectural Firm.

About the Caesarea Industrial Park:
The Caesarea Industrial Park has over 3,500,000 Sq. Meters. The supply of buildings designed for it includes, besides the mall, also factories, warehouses, logistics centers, campuses and sites for advanced industries.

The Industrial Park was built 15 years ago by the Caesarea Development Corporation, on the eastern border of the town limits, between the Haifa-Tel Aviv railroad tracks on the east and the Nahalei Menashe Plant on the west. Due to the fact that the industrial Business park is built above a drinking-water underground reservoir, every care has been taken in connection with the preservation of the environment.

The industrial park has attained, year after year, recognition from the Beautiful Israel Council, and is considered to be one of the best kept industrial parks in Israel.
The central location of the industrial park, between Tel Aviv and Haifa, the fact that it is very close to major traffic arteries and away from the direction of traffic jams (including the exit from Highway No. 6) - make it more attractive.

There is a train station at the industrial park, and for the benefit of the employees there is a transportation service from the railway to the factories and back. There are 180 companies in the industrial park, half of which deal in manufacturing, and the rest in Hi-Tech industry, marketing and supply of various services.

The companies and factories in the industrial park, in cooperation with the management of the industrial & Business park, are involved in various projects for the good of the community.
The industrial park is developed, marketed and managed by the Caesarea Development Corporation Edmund Benjamin de Rothschild.

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