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As Caesarea residents, we enjoy a very high standard of living in one of the greenest and well-groomed environments in Israel. We have the responsibility and ability to protect this environment, the beach, the dunes and the green open spaces for us and for future generations.

The Caesarea Development Corporation works to promote recycling in Caesarea, which makes a direct contribution to environmental quality and protection. During the first phase, plastic beverage bottles of 1.5 liters or more and every type of paper: white, colored and newspaper, will be recycled.

Recycling bins will be positioned in the following areas:
The Caesarea School
The Community Center near the southwest parking lot
The Postal Distribution Center in Neighborhood 11
The Postal Distribution Center in Neighborhood 8
The Postal Distribution Center on Rothschild Boulevard
The entrance to the Golf Neighborhood (Neighborhood 13) from Haor Street

Recycling in Caesarea is designed, first and foremost, for residents who are aware of and concerned enough to protect the environment. Active participation in the recycling process will facilitate the success of this important task. Recycling success in Caesarea depends solely on the residents - the more active residents are , the more we make sure to recycle our garbage, the more we contribute to protecting our environment for all of us.

For any question you might have, please contact us at *6550 or 04-617440
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We have an excellent environment to love. Caesarea is our home.