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The Caesarea Development Corporation / Security Team Residents Committee



Listed below are several recommendations and updates about security that will help everyone prevent crime and cope with incidents if necessary.


Service and Sales Center - *6550 Extension 1

The Center is staffed 24/7. call the center to report any suspicious or unusual incident in Caesarea.
The Center will immediately transfer the call to the security patrol, which also operates 24/7.
The patrol will respond to the incident within a short amount of time and may possibly prevent an incident before it occurs.

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Vehicle Update in the Database

Close circuit television systems are installed at the town's entry and exit points that document people entering and leaving the town at all hours of the day and night, even when the security guard position is not staffed. In addition, other cameras are installed around the town that document incidents. At night, all cars that leave the town are controlled, particularly vehicles owned by Caesarea residents in order to identify theft.

Vehicles owned by Caesarea residents can only leave the town at night by entering a code. In order to update the vehicle database of resident car owners - the particulars of the vehicles they own must be updated through the Service Center at *6550.

For Update of Customer / Vehicle Particulars


Turning on the Alarm Systems

Turning on the alarm systems is critical for vehicle safety and in the prevention of burglaries. Please make sure to turn the alarm system on while emphasizing turning on peripheral systems in the house (external detectors). The alarm is a deterrent and prevents burglaries and theft.



Civil Guard / Neighborhood Watch

We call on residents to participate in the town's security, to volunteer for neighborhood watch that is currently being set up and to help the security team protect Caesarea.

Residents will patrol their neighborhoods in pairs, and will cooperate with the CDC's security establishment to protect the town.

Volunteers should contact the call center at *6550 and the security unit representative will return your call and continue the enrollment process.