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The Caesarea Bridge Club is registered as Club 054 with the Israeli Bridge Association and is managed as a competitive club subject to Association regulations and laws. Club members and players meet every Thursday. Games are organized as competition rounds whose results are reported to the Association, granting participants the status of local master, in accordance with the regulations.

Competitions are scored using two methods used in Israel and around the world:

The most common competitive method in Israel. According to this method, players are credited for every set in breakdown percentages, based on the relative results obtained in this set.

The most widely used competition method in the United States. According to this method, players are credited with computerized points based on the results gaps at various tables.

The club in Caesarea is considered a quality club with an excellent competitive level. The club is managed by a competition director who is certified by the Israeli Bridge Association. The club manager, Ram Shimoni, can be reached at Tel.: 0544-678488 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IMP Competition Code
1. The competition is five rounds unless otherwise specified.
2. all results are calculated
3. every pair must participate jointly in at least 3 rounds
4. every pair is entitled to be absent one time. In this round, 0 points will be recorded.
5. Every pair is entitled to switch partners one time.
6. Every pair with a positive result will be credited with local master points.
7. The points will be recorded for every member of the Bridge Association.
8. Trophies will be handed out to the top 3 spots, unless otherwise stated.
9. The competitions will take place on Thursdays at exactly 20:30. The opening hours of the competition may be set earlier in the winter.
10. Any change in the competition code, during the competition, requires the consent of over 50% of those present during the game and at the time of the notification.
11. Appeals of competition director decisions can be submitted on the night of the game at the end of the competition.
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