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In Caesarea, there are 350 children between the ages of 2-6 who enjoy top notch education. The town has five different preschools managed by excellent educational staffs from the Hof Hacarmel Regional Council's Department of Education.

In addition, Caesarea contains two privately-operated daycare centers under the regulation of the Ministry of Education and the Private Preschools Organization.

Afternoon programs for preschoolers are operated by the Hof Hacarmel Regional Council.
For additional information, please contact Racheli Avraham in the Education Department.

Private Preschools
Gan Shahaf (Regine Amilia method) - Neighborhood 13, Tel.: 04-6101262
Gan Balagan - Neighborhood 4, Tel.: 077-4340747 , 054-6753523

Municipal Preschools
Gan Amit, Neighborhood 5, Tel.: 04-6360571
Gan Mazi, Neighborhood 6, Tel.: 04-6362174
Gan Tali, Neighborhood 9, Tel.: 04-6261434
Gan Tovit Neighborhood 11, Tel.: 04-6264359
Gan Miri, Neighborhood 11, Tel.: 04-6264362

For additional information, please contact the Community, Education and Culture Department at Tel.: 04-6109519

Or Racheli Avraham, Director of Preschools in the Hof Hacarmel Regional Council, Tel.: 04-8136264