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The Caesarea Jeep Patrol has begun operating. The unit consists, at the moment, of 20 volunteers and 11 jeeps.

The patrol unit includes volunteers from Caesarea, most of who own jeeps and who wish to make a contribution to the security of the community. They do this on their own time and in cooperation with the police.

Last week, the unit had a patrol in order to better understand and get to know the Caesarea area that included a comprehensive briefing on each of the neighborhoods.
The unit is still accepting new members.

Caesarea's Security Officer, Moshe Rosentoller, said that the unit is in the process of formation and registration of new volunteers - both those who own jeeps and those who do not.

Rosentoller: "We are more than happy to accept more and more residents into the unit."

For further details and to join: Sergeant Major Ronen David, Community Patrol Commander, 050-6276942 or please contact the Caesarea Development Corporation's Service Center on *6550

Photography: Liri Gal