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The Caesarea Elementary School was established in September 2000, and operates under the supervision of the Hof Hacarmel Regional Council. The school's current pupil population is 370, with pupils divided into 13 classrooms. The school was built with the Caesarea Edmond Binyamin de Rothschild Foundation money and is equipped with the most cutting-edge educational equipment available today in education and enrichment.

The school is located in an environment rich with investigational and educational resources: the Caesarea Carob Reserve, the Recanati Museum, the Caesarea Water Tower, the synagogue, the commercial center, the Caesarea ruins, the industrial park and the beach.

The Caesarea Elementary School firmly believes in maintaining constant and continuous contact with the parents of pupils and with community representatives, and, along with the pupils and educational staff, develop an axis of development based on authentic learning was developed: the story of the site. The school spearheads environmental values, and fosters pupils who learn, investigate, are aware and are involved in the site's story: past, present and future.

Studies are accompanied by computerized enrichment. The school has 40 computers, located in various areas around the school and in the lab, which is connected to the internet.

The school also has an extensive trip schedule that accompanies the Rothschild heritage studies and learning about near and distant environments.

The Caesarea Elementary School has a music conservatory attended by 50 pupils performing on a range of instruments: flutes, cellos, violins, piano, guitar, saxophone, drums and transverse flute. Pupils take private and group lessons, and the school enjoys concerts throughout the year.

The school hosts a range of social activities based on:
- pupil council for pupils from the third - sixth grades
- sports committee
- range of clubs

Caesarea School Principal: Ms. Ronit Geva website: