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Caesarea. The Best for the Future Generation

Caesarea will lead in terms of providing a quality, professional and diverse response to all educational, cultural, societal and community, recreation and sports needs of all residents, regardless of age.

Caesarea strives to foster a bond between the residents of the town and its uniqueness, while maximizing the town's human capital and resources. At the same time, Caesarea is an integral part of the region, and cultivates interaction with its environment.

The strong commitment to the individual and the community, involvement, respect and responsibility are cornerstones and core values in Caesarea.

The educational and community services in the town provide a quality response that is compatible with the (physical, cognitive and emotional) needs, the ambitions and desires of the individual, the group and all residents.

Caesarea's educational and community institutions will develop an organizational culture based on values of quality, excellence, innovation, learning and continual improvement.

The educational and community institutions will be oriented towards assumption of responsibility and results.

The education system aims at meeting the needs of the various sectors, while allowing choice in educational frameworks, curriculum and content in addition to remaining attentive to the various age groups and their involvement in the process.

Community education and culture will incorporate universal and humane values alongside values derived from Israeli culture, from Jewish history, heritage and tradition.