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petedye 2The original Caesarea golf course was designed and built in 1961. The old course was considered outdated, flat and unchallenging. Professional golf course ranking determined that the old course was ranked as a 3 on a scale of 1-10. In addition, the type of grass used for the lawn was not suitable for golf courses and the irrigation system was outdated.

The new course, based on the plans of Pete Dye, is sophisticated, interesting and far more challenging. The course increases Caesarea's value as a town and draws tourists from near and far.

In 2007, the Caesarea Development Corporation (CDC), business owners of the Golf Club, reviewed several known architects in the field of golf course architecture to take on the project. Considered one of the leading architects in the world and a legend in golf course architecture, Pete Dye was a natural decision to head the new project. Of the top ten golf courses in the world, Golf Digest included 3 of Dye's courses. The new Caesarea golf course, which was completed by Dye and his team in 2009, draws golfers from around the world to Israel, and has significantly contributed to the development of golf in Israel.

To emphasize the significance of the club's success in hiring Dye, it is worth noting that he designs up to two golf courses a year and does not usually accept work outside the United States. In this instance, however, Dye agreed to head up the project in order help Israel become a golf superpower and a true golf destination for tourists.

To carry out the project, the CDC and Dye were assisted by internationally renowned consultants and experts, including Jeff Fleishman (USA), an international expert on golf course development; Colin Hegarty (Ireland), one of the leading consultants on the golf industry in the world; Richard Wax (France), a golf consultant, journalist and golf course ranker; and Tim Liddy, a leading golf course architect employed by Pete Dye.

The CDC also hired famed ecology expert Dr. Ron Promkin, who accompanied the Corporation throughout the process in order to maintain the ecological values and vista.

Construction began in August 2007 and was completed in May 2009.

The new golf course is ranked among the finest clubs in the world, and will serve the golf population in Israel as well as hosting international competitions. The club draws tourists and be a source of tremendous pride for Israel.

About Pete Dye Golf Courses

(1) A Pete Dye golf course requires not just skilled playing but an intellectual approach to the game.


(2) Dye refined the art of doubling the tee locations so that every hole poses a challenge to the best of players, while remaining enjoyable to the average golfer.


(3) Golf World Magazine crowned him architect of the year in 1994.


(4) Dye is very environmentally conscious and designs his courses to preserve natural resources and enhance natural beauty.