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The Caesarea Golf Club Designed by Pete Dye: 'Golf is not only a game, it's a way of life.'

There are millions of people worldwide who play the elegant sport of golf, making it one of the most popular games in the world. Men, women and children of all ages continue to join the ranks of players (and die-hard fans) of golf - a tense, dynamic and difficult game full of physical and mental challenges.

Established in the 1960s by the Baron de Rothschild Family, the prestigious Caesarea Golf Club is the only international golf club in Israel. The Club offers golfers a wide range of facilities and resources, including a meticulously groomed golf course, a diverse course plan, spacious training ranges, a staff of skilled instructors, a golf academy and school for children, a pro shop with a wide selection of golf and sporting gear, and a gourmet restaurant.

The golf course was entirely reimagined and redesigned by renowned golf course designer Pete Dye in 2009. This is of particular importance as Dye is one of the most influential and creative golf course designers in golf history and is responsible for designing many other famous golf courses worldwide. The course features a surprising and challenging design that is suitable for hosting prestigious international tournaments while providing amateur golfers a unique playing experience.

Inspired by other upscale golf communities that have sprung up around Pete Dye golf courses around the world, a golf neighborhood has been established in a location nearby. The unique high-end neighborhood offers an unparalleled standard of living in Israel - a vibrant community life, top notch community services, open spaces and excellent schools.



The club is located in central Caesarea, near recreational and vacation spots, and in close proximity to the ancient port, spectacular beach and Roman aqueduct.
The Caesarea Port contains tourist attractions and rare archeological ruins, a magnificent esplanade, an underwater archeological park, and a wide range of restaurants, cafés and galleries. The Dan Caesarea Hotel, the Golf Caesar Spa, and the modern Go Active Country Club are all easily accessible.

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