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Show "If we'd only know to love" –the songs of Yossi Banai

Energetic musical show by five young actors from the Habima, Cameri, and Beit Lessin theatres: Elad Raviv, Doris Nimni, Rani Alon, Alona Alexander, Yonatan Paz Bouganim

Adapted and directed by: Ofer Shafrir

Musical director: Tahel Shoham

Admission: NIS 50

Date: 03/12/2015 20:30 Category: Tourism and Leisure
Amos Ivri in an Opening Event " Art and Creative Exhibit"

Collage paintings of nature in acrylic, print, and oil pastels

Free admission

Date: 05/12/2015 11:00 Category: Tourism and Leisure
Morning Highlight - UNESCO

sites – journey to the world's most beautiful sites

Lecturer: Naftali Hilger             

Date: 06/12/2015 00:00 Category: Tourism and Leisure
Chanukah Festival in Caesarea

free admission to all events 

Youth Centre plaza

"Story of a Dreidel" – Interactive family oriented show by the Theatre Group.

Directed by: Orly Adiv                                                 

Festive candle lighting with Rabbi Zvi Elon and Chanukah doughnuts for all

Date: 06/12/2015 17:30 Category: Tourism and Leisure
Morning Highlight

Visit to the Intelligence Heritage Centre at Glilot

Date: 08/12/2015 00:00 Category: Tourism and Leisure