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Visitors' Center 

The Caesarea Harbor Visitors' Center is open to the public. Masks are mandatory during the visit. For groups above 10 pax, we advise you to book your visit in advance on telephone *6550 or 04-6268854 , or by this form.

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After five years of excavation, conservation and development, the vaults built by King Herod in the harbor under the temple that was dedicated to Augustus, have been reconstructed to become the new impressive Visitors' Center.

An exhibition, incorporating historical content, a media presentation and rare archaeological artifacts found during the excavation of the land and the seabed, has been established within the four vaults that date back 2,000 years.

The impressive media presentation, shown on the wall of one of the original vaults, demonstrates Herod's complex and headstrong character, a man who loved to build and established the city and the port.


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Opening hours:

Caesarea Harbor Visitors' Center

April - October

Saturdays-Thursdays: 8:30-17:00 

Fridays and Holiday eves: 8:30-16:00

Last entrance 30 minutes before

November - March

Saturdays-Thursdays: 8:30-16:00

Fridays and Holiday evenings: 8:30-15:00

Last entrance 30 minutes before

Languages: The exhibition and the show are available in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Length of visit: approx.30 minutes

It is advisable to reserve two days in advance for groups, through the website or by calling *6550. To reserve, click here.

For further information, please call 04-6268854.

To book a tour - click here


Caesarea Experience – the movie of all times - Not open to the public yet

A fascinating and moving movie experience that will take you on a magical journey through Caesarea's history during which you will be introduced to the various civilizations that controlled the city: from Herod's time to the Roman Period; from the Byzantine Era, the Arabs, the Crusaders to the first days of Zionism in the country as embodied by Baron Rothschild.

The movie is shown next to the Roman Theater, every 15 minutes, from 8 am to thirty minutes before the closing time of the National Park.