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Over the past few months, the Caesarea Development Corporation along with the Center for Israel Building, have selected 10 of the country's most unique architectural firms, those who specialize in building luxury homes and who are seen as the next generation of Israeli architects. Together, they have started an exciting architectural journey of discovery during which each office was "given"one Dumam (quarter acre) plot of land to design a home for the Caesarea Golf Residence.

The Golf residence overlooks the renovated golf links of the Caesarea golf course that was designed by one of the greatest golf course architects in the world - Pete Dye. Pete Dye is considered a groundbreaker in the field of golf course design and their integration with exclusive residential neighborhoods that incorporate "green" building techniques and that are environmentally friendly.

The architects were given the task of designing luxury homes to the very highest of standards whilst using "green" building techniques and result in environmentally friendly homes.

The ten firms chosen represent the contemporary generation of architectural and design talent in Israel. The ten architects chosen created and designed innovative and original homes that blend in perfectly with the luxurious and high class homes that are the hallmark of Israel's most exclusive residential neighborhood.

The 10 firms chosen are: Gal Naor, Gal Marom, Isac Eini, Kanfo Klimor Architects, Yoav Enderman, Oberson & Avriel, Du Architects, Yuli & Serge Ben David, Fine Arc Architects and Nestor Sandback.

The Golf Residence
Behind the Green Design project lays the Caesaria Development Corporation Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild that is marketing the Golf Residence which has less than 70 plots left for building.
The corporation will give purchasers of building plots who decide to use one of the 10 plans by these architects and thereby promote "green" design and building principals, a special bonus.

The youngest of all Caesarea's neighborhoods, the Golf Residence consists of 384 plots where you can build your own home. Two sizes of plots are available, 600 square meters and 1000 square meters. Only 70 plots are still available, 11of which directly overlook the golf course, recently renovated by the world renowned American golf course architect, Pete Day.

The Golf residence has been built at the highest point in Caesarea and has been planned as a "Golf Community" such as those in exclusive neighborhoods of Florida and California.

Prices start from 1.85 million shekels for a 600 square meter plot to three million shekels for a 1000 square meter plot. Prices can vary in accordance with the size of the plot and its location relative to the golf course. Just like in the rest of the world, the golf course improves the value of real estate and since the opening of the new clubhouse four months ago, 15 plots have been sold.

Those who understood the potential value of the plots in the Golf residence were the residents of Caesarea who purchased 60% of the plots. Families have already begun to move into the new Golf Residence and half of the homes are already occupied.

Within the community there is a kindergarten and day care centers for young children, a Synagogue, a combined soccer and basketball court, a skate park and a free shuttle service that operates in the afternoons and transports children from the Golf Residence to the beach, karate classes, classes in the country club and community center and to see their friends in other neighborhoods.

The Caesarea Development Corporation is the operative arm of the Rothschild-Caesarea Foundation whose goal is the development and improvement of Caesarea and its assets. All the results of the development and improvements, the profits of the Caesarea Development Corporation profits, go to the Foundation which uses them to make donations to Universities and Colleges across Israel.