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The Caesarea Golf Residence. The Right Place.


For the first time in Israel, you, too, can enjoy living in a unique residence inspired by the golf community located in the heart of lush green areas in the United States. The Golf Neighborhood, as the name implies, is located near Caesarea's international golf club, designed by Pete Dye, one of the leading golf course architects in the world whose works have been known to significantly increase the value of surrounding property.

The Caesarea Golf Residence. The Right Community.

Inspired by the prestigious golf communities that flourished around Pete Dye golf courses worldwide, the Caesarea Golf Neighborhood was created. This uniquely upscale neighborhood, located near the Golf Club, offers people like yourself an unparalleled quality of life in Israel. Dozens of select families who purchased lots in the neighborhood have built their dream homes and are enjoying a vibrant community life, excellent education system as well as quality cultural facilities, convenient access to the Caesarea's spectacular beaches in addition to an array of employment and recreational opportunities in a particularly fine environment.

Pete Dye. The Right Man.

Pete Dye is one of the most influential and creative golf course designers in golf history. Born in 1925 in Ohio, United States, Dye has become a legend over time in golf course design around the world - nine of his courses are ranked by Golf Digest among the top 100 courses in the world.
The design philosophy developed by Dye influenced an entire generation of designers. Pete Dye gave the game of golf experiential dimensions that had never been seen before, as well as an uncompromising reference to the most minute of details, thereby shaping the game experience for each player, on every level. Pete's magical touch has been felt in every one of the courses he designed around the world, courses that have long since become milestones for golf aficionados and quality of life while spurred the development of adjacent golf communities.

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